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Boxing Star 3.2.0

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System requirements: 4.4+

Boxing is a widely beloved sport in the world, and he has participated in countless different tournaments to help boxers grow. The rules of boxing are simple, accessible to spectators, and give them many different emotions in each match. Moreover, boxing is also an interesting topic for the development of countless fighting games, and one of them is Boxing Star .

It is an arcade game that applies the mechanics and rules of boxing and gives players the most authentic boxing experience in which they must strike, block and dodge to win effectively. The game is also well-known in Android and is also the PvP game with the highest level of entertainment to date. If you are a boxing fan, this game will impress you.


Boxing Star is an arcade boxing simulation game that offers players the most unique and exciting matches. In addition, the game uses realistic three-dimensional graphics with the ability to create perfect environments and eye-catching effects for each scene. What’s even more impressive is that players will control their boxer from a third-person perspective, as well as flexible controls to help them take on the most unique, threatening and intense matches.

In addition, the game will apply the basic rules of boxing, creating the perfect environment for players, emphasizing the element of boxing in this game. In a player’s career, he will have to face other strong opponents and in a variety of weight classes, as well as hundreds of meaningful career awards. In addition, players will need to score the most points, even knocking out their opponents, smoothly and quickly, to gain the maximum number of points and win the game.


Most fighting games have the same control mechanics, reminiscent of the arcade platforms of decades ago. However, Boxing Star will employ a completely new fighting and control mechanism, making it stand out and accessible to most players in the market. Instead of the player using a joystick and buttons to control it, the character moves by himself, and the player can use actions such as tapping, swiping and holding to perform various attacks. The player can also determine the direction of the boxer’s punch, creating the most impressive fighting moves and knocking out the opponent. In addition, players can control the character, duck to the side, even parry to minimize damage to the character. With this control mechanism, players will need to have great reflexes or get creative in combat.

Thrilling story with a plot twist

Boxing Star was originally an arcade game in which players entertain each other. However, it also has a storyline that allows players to explore the world of boxing from different perspectives. The storyline will guide players, showcase features and functions and unlock new characters or rewards for players. К

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