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Version: 2.2.2

Stories of Another World 2.2.2

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System requirements: 4.4+

An interactive game for all ages. Choose a storyline, let your hero respond as you like, and get a unique story. Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy, escape from reality and choose your destiny! Download the game and start your exciting adventure! Tales of Another World is a collection of fantasy stories in which the course of events depends on the decisions you make.

Tales of Another World is a beautifully crafted and informative dating simulation that will transport players to a fantasy world. It is similar to ours, but different in many ways. Participants must take many factors into consideration to successfully guide their characters through major story milestones. In doing so, they will decide for themselves what he looks like, what his character is, what his romantic interests are, and so on. This and the choices made during the game will determine the ending of the entire narrative. The game has several endings, from good to tragic, so that you don’t mindlessly click on options and skip conversations.

Tales of Other Worlds is a collection of interactive stories in which the development of the story depends on the answers you choose in the dialogue.

The game features a large number of interesting stories in the sci-fi genre. Most importantly, users create their own unique series, with the appearance, character, romantic interests and behavior of the character completely dependent on your choice.

Try opening the first story, where the main character wants to introduce a girl to his family, but the latter has completely different plans for the evening. Before each story, the player is free to choose the style of the protagonist; there are the usual costumes and premium costumes, which are bought for expensive currency. At the same time, the game itself is an exact replica of the iconic games of the genre. We will see the story told in short text narratives with beautiful locations and episodic characters.

Read each piece of dialogue carefully and choose what you think is the most correct answer. The story will gradually develop and before you know it, your friends become enemies and those who used to hate you begin to support and help you in difficult situations.

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