Super Mecha Champions 1.0.14605
Version: 1.0.14605

Super Mecha Champions 1.0.14605

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System requirements: 4.3+

PUBG, Fortnite, and even Free Fire were released on various platforms and created a huge wave in the gaming world when they catered to more intense shootouts than usual. It’s also because it has encouraged many game publishers around the world to release new games to play the genre all the time. We don’t complain about too many similar games coming out at the same time. Even for many true gamers, the variety of major game styles gives you a new breeze in the gaming industry. Game developers have done their best to find new points to use based on the all too popular Battle Royale genre on the market. 

Netease is one of the most enthusiastic and pioneering creators of new games in this category. A little while later they announced a new Battle Royale game to their fans. Super Mecha Champions is good news from the game developer. It continues to change its look, using an anime design style and combining it with giant robots.

It looks like Netease wants to personally test every possible exploit in the game styles for Android. You can easily find that their products don’t suit your favorite games on their smartphones. Fun Life Out and Fun Ride Out Heroes are always products to discover the tastes of players around the world. These Super Mecha Champions will be a serious product, marking the return of their favorite genres. This game does not disappoint players at all.

Like all Battle Royale games, Super Mecha Champions takes players to a deserted island where battles can comfortably take place. And the player will have to kill all the people they meet on their way to becoming the last survivor. If you pay attention to the title of the game, you will see that it will be a product that the character who appears the most is a giant robot. Therefore, players will feel that the surrounding scenes seem to be taken from scenes from the legendary Gandam or Evangelion movies. If necessary, the player can summon a giant robot and control it freely to attack and destroy anyone surrounded by the overwhelming force. But be careful, because your fools can summon such a giant mech as well. And if they’re not skilled, sometimes they can flip you over and kill you in a matter of minutes.

The way the game is played is also simple, because it’s similar to all your Battle Royal brother games up to 99%. But the only difference that makes it stand out is the giant robot summoning mechanism. A small shell circle with a robot mask icon will appear in the center of the screen. Its power will accumulate gradually, and if it is full, you can summon this great power. But it’s not really easy to defeat an opponent every time you control a mech. He always has strengths and weaknesses, and if you know how to use your special weapons, you can still defeat the giant robot.

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