Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack

System requirements: 4.4+


The game begins on a seemingly normal night in the swarm with our seemingly harmless guard doing his job of, well, falling asleep. But don’t underestimate this cool character, as there is nothing alive to fool his guards.

And with plenty of suspicious movies in the borders, he knows what’s coming next, an all-out assault from aliens, monsters and zombies who are trying to take over the swamp. That’s something he can’t take anymore. And so, Start your final journey through many exciting shooter levels where you will have to help our cool dude in his fight against the monsters.

Give free rein to your powerful attacks with the various weapons available in your inventory and blast away the invaders. Use the many available boosters and buffs to gain advantages over enemies and get through incredible challenges.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features the game has to offer:

Easy controls epic battles to hook you into the gameFirst, Android gamers will find themselves in a fun and exciting challenge where they can quickly get the hang of the gameplay thanks to simple and intuitive controls. In addition, with well-optimized touch controls, you can explore smooth and satisfying battles in no time at all.

As said before, all you have to do is choose your preferred weapon and feel free to click like crazy on the screen to unleash unlimited shots in the direction of your enemies. Blast them with your merciless attacks that don’t seem to end.

To enjoy a constant shooting experience, you can always switch between different ones during battles by simply clicking on the available weapon icons on the screen. Enjoy an endless shooting experience without worrying about running out of bullets.

And for some special occasions, you can drag your incredible explosives that are available on your arsenal onto the screen. Witness an amazing fireworks show while destroying invaders.

A variety of nasty monsters with unique abilities and powersAnd just because you can enjoy simple controls doesn’t mean the game will be easy. On the other hand, you’ll find yourself experiencing some of the most epic shooter experiences where you’ll have to face insanely powerful enemies.

You’ll be challenged by more than 45 different monsters, each with their own unique powers and abilities. Beware of their special attacks if you don’t want them to take you by surprise. And have fun while you kick their asses with our cool guard Roy.

Use amazing weapons to deal with your enemiesAnd to help you in your battles against nasty zombies, gamers in Swarm Attacks are also introduced to many interesting weapons and explosives that you can pick up to blow up your enemies

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