Sword Master Story 4.2.415
Version: 4.2.415

Sword Master Story 4.2.415

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System requirements: 5.0+

Sword Master Story offers a series of exciting actions involving exploring new lands and defending your land from invading bad elements. To make the story more interesting, we have created a variety of characters who have different fighting abilities and are often involved in tense confrontations. The goal of securing the territory and its inhabitants comes first, and it’s also a reason for you to work harder in the demon-destroying mission system.


The next land the player finds in Sword Master Story is Elgrad, the birthplace of the legendary gods. Here players receive many new quests and quickly find ways to complete them. For the trip to go perfectly, you need to prepare everything you need. The new land is always the perfect place for heroes and monsters. It’s also where the fierce power struggles that erupted back then continued.

Impressive names like Ryu Lion, Swordsman Ais and many others will come together to create a terrifying battle. They must be summoned back to the festival with a power card, and you will be given one when you participate in the Collab DanMachi event. The novelty and creation of a special character will leave you with a lot of impressions. Also, the milestone events will make you more excited with many warriors performing at the same time. The arena can only work when you accept the enemy’s challenge.


More special scenarios for your Sword Master Story exploration include trying to take on the challenge alone. In addition, other modes, such as team combat, will also help you find fun that suits your abilities. The treasure behind the difficulty will unlock when you score a smashing victory in the arena. We provide many editing functions or training settings to improve your character’s abilities.

A collection of more than 50 weapons will be added with features such as attack and defense to keep players happy at all times. Do you have a power stone? Some items can help the wearer become stronger after just one use. When the battles are over and territories are returned to freedom, your achievements become an advantage in the leaderboards. Big events are held to give players a better chance of taking first place.


Join an operation to defend territory with other village warriors while facing hundreds of challenges.Complete your quest by trying to destroy monsters, chase wild beasts, or thwart an ice dragon.Take on the challenges always present when completing quests and solve them in the shortest possible time.Make sure your character is the fighter with the most impressive ability and style in this combat event.Get various game-related offerings such as rewards, vivid animations and great sounds.

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