Tank Firing 1.7.1
Version: 1.7.1

Tank Firing 1.7.1

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System requirements: 5.0+

Tank Firing is one of the most classic shooting games in the modern world. It is a platformer based on firing the most powerful tanks. Tanks are also the main tool in this game, helping all players to get into battle easily. The game gives all players a lot of drama and tension. This is one of the most exciting and intense platform free-to-play games for mobile devices. This is a highly team-based game, so in each battle players need to create a team of 5 people to be able to fight with other teams. When the mission is ready, players must be ready to engage in the world’s most devastating battles to defend their powers.


The first thing that made a huge impression on users of this Tank Firing game is that, although the game is a very well-known and modern action platform, it is completely free to play. This is also one of the factors that help the game attract many players from all over the world, attracting a large number of players and a significant number of downloads. This is a game created by one of the world famous brands.

It also shows that the quality that the game brings is exceptionally perfect. Our system also makes the gameplay even better by using a mobile console. This control panel will help players experience the game easily and conveniently. Especially in this game, the graphic effect is one of the game’s most striking features. Thanks to the incredibly surreal HD graphics, the game brings out the best emotions in players. In addition, the game also provides players with a great 3D sound mode, which makes every match more noisy and exciting than ever.

Moving on to this game, you can also experience smooth controls in game mode with realistic projectiles. In addition, the control modes and tank effects will also make the game more appealing and unique. In addition, by participating in the game, you can also participate in many events and receive valuable rewards from this platform.


One of the very unique and exciting modes available in the Tank Firing game is death and distortion. There are many different game modes in this game, and players should look for and choose game modes that match their own preferences. Players will be given a complete list of all the most powerful tanks in the world. This list will be regularly updated and will be updated with many new tanks. Each vehicle has its own personality, strength and unique abilities, so you need to choose for yourself what suits you best. The most effective formula for winning is to choose the right tanks for you, from which you can combine your skills to win.


Tank Firing is a modern action game, so the app development team always tries its best to create the perfect game. Players will be offered

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