The Walking Dead: All-Stars 1.5.3
Version: 1.5.3

The Walking Dead: All-Stars 1.5.3

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System requirements: 5.1+

The Walking Dead: All-Stars (Embedded Cache) – A forgotten role-playing game with automatic battles, fighting by linking the original characters! The comic book style character designs are beautiful! “The Walking Dead: All-Stars” is an auto-battle RPG of The Walking Dead in the original comic book style, from the story to the fighting characters. The story develops with comic frame divisions and balloons and progresses through inactive and cleansing battle scenes. Combat is automatic, but the point is that combat power varies greatly depending on the composition and placement of the characters. Form a team of popular and original characters to fight back the walkers and survive!


On the main screen, characters and walkers fight endlessly. Rewards for downtime will accumulate over time, so if you wait patiently, you can get lots of rewards and tutorials. The battles that take over the stages are mostly fully automatic, so all you have to do is organize your group. However, as will be explained later, combat power will vary greatly depending on the formation, so let’s think hard about who to organize and where to place them.


Let’s enhance the characters with training materials and equipment that are dropped in battle. The equipment you can equip is different for each character, but it can be automatically equipped with one button, so you can don’t hesitate to equip the most vital equipment. You can level up using experience points and materials, as well as acquiring and reinforcing skills at a certain level.


You can level up and progress through the game effortlessly if you play in Standby Mode.Assemble a group of characters from a wide variety of backgrounds! In the Defensive Combat game, your goal is to repel attacks from enemy forces on the city of Asyl.Get supplies in Dispatch and Supplies! Battle with other players who have managed to survive in Borderlands! Join the community and participate in cooperative conflicts with other players! Immerse yourself in various game modes that will bring the world of The Walking Dead to life in a whole new way!

Download The Walking Dead: All-Stars 1.5.3 (Embedded Cache) on Android screen 1Download The Walking Dead: All-Stars 1.5.3 (Embedded Cache) on Android screen 2Download The Walking Dead: All-Stars 1.5.3 (Embedded Cache) on Android screen 3Download The Walking Dead: All-Stars 1.5.3 (Embedded Cache) on Android screen 4