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The Walking Dead: Our World

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System requirements: 5.0+

Speaking of the following games, we don’t have to worry about the game’s graphics, the character design is meticulously detailed, fully emphasizing the characteristics of the movie characters, from every hairpiece to the costumes, the muscles and the fluid, lifelike way of moving. If you’re worried, have you ever played The Walking Dead of No Man’s Land? If you do, you’ll definitely see that the game’s graphics and images and color scheme are superb. 

The Walking Dead: Our World, a zombie world awaits you, the first incredible mobile video game on the market and is expected to be released soon on the Apple App Store. and Google Play. The player challenge is interesting, you have to fight walking in the streets, in the park and even on the couch. Wherever a zombie appears, you must immediately remove yourself in order to become a survivor. However, just like in the movie, you won’t have to face this apocalypse alone. Besides, you always have good teammates, Rick, Michonne and all your favorite characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead will be present in this game, though, just like in the real movie characters, and fight beside you.

FeaturesBased on the story in The Walking DeadFamiliar characters like Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes, Glenn Rea, Negan, Carl Grimes, Maggie Green, Michonne, Carol Peletier … and many other familiar characters.Great 3D graphics, realistic feel with enhanced virtual realityFirst released by AMCPlay online with millions of players worldwideBuild a leader and kill zombies with weapons such as swords, bows and rifles. Supports many languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, French …Along with Harry Potter: The Wizards Unite, TWD: Our World will also be the most anticipated virtual reality game of 2018, especially for fans of the drama of the same name, which is also coming up on Season 8. This game is a special gift the manufacturer wants to send to those who have been with TWD for the past eight years.

A zombie game has never been so hot , and especially if it is based on the blockbuster The Walking Dead, everyone will be waiting. Please join us for more information on the game’s release by following this site offline.

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