Tiny Gladiators 2 2.4.8
Version: 2.4.8

Tiny Gladiators 2 2.4.8

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System requirements: 4.4+

Tiny Gladiators 2 – Fighting Tournament : Mortal Kombat is the first game in which people are reminded of the fighting game genre. Though it has been released for a long time, the developers are constantly updating and adding new features to this game, so we can say that so far the popularity of this game has not decreased. Nevertheless, the content of this game tends to be quite violent, combined with 3D graphics and effects create quite frightening battle scenes. If you don’t like the opposite genre set, which is not as violent and still appealing to the player, you can try Tiny Gladiators 2 – Fighting Tournament. 

Fighting Tournament.

Tiny Gladiators 2 was a game about a child’s revenge when his father was killed in battle earlier. The only way to get revenge is to become a gladiator and destroy all the enemies you encounter. At the beginning of the game you will be able to choose characters, classes and create your own character. Each character is equipped with different weapons and fighting skills, creating a variety of fighting styles in this game. You are also provided with a power bar. This energy will decrease each time you engage in battles, and they automatically fill up for a while.

The game mode is opposite; you will use the left, right, top, and battle buttons on the console to attack and dodge your opponents. Each time you win, you will receive a bonus that is upgraded to a level. When you level up enough, new players and new modes open up, such as Artifact, PvP, or even Survival. In these modes, you can search for items that suit your character. These can be weapons or armor. Equipment types help you increase attributes such as HP and attack per role, giving you a better chance of winning. In particular, the game features skill upgrades; you can improve your skills when you have enough gold and the necessary level.

In addition, the character system in this game is quite varied, the characters are wonderful and have strong skills. You can find them in the store or unlock them when you reach them.

The game often hosts PvP leagues. Each tournament takes place at a certain period of time, when the players who win the most Arena victories are placed in the top 100 rankings. When the event is over, the people with the highest achievements will be awarded valuable gifts in the game.

Tiny Gladiators 2 – Fighting Tournament is an exciting gaming antagonist. You can satisfy your dream of being a brave hero and become a hero in this game by outrunning your opponents in the Arena. With its crisp graphics, bright colors and quirky character designs, you can’t miss this game.

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