Toca Life: School 1.7
Version: 1.7

Toca Life: School 1.7

System requirements: 4.4+

Toca Life: School is a very educational game suitable for a wide range of ages, especially for children sitting in school chairs. You will enter a fascinating learning world full of adventure. You’ll be able to stand right on the podium and lead your own classes. This game also has a fun food war in the cafeteria. This is probably a brand new game platform that has a lot of fun for players, but is especially good for kids.

Introduction to the game.

There are a lot of questions about the idea of the game. Speaking of our ideas, our Toca Life: School team drew ideas from children all over the world. We want to dedicate this game exclusively to children, because they deserve it. Until now, the gaming audience has always been adults, but for us, we always want to create an engaging and highly educational mobile game that will help children develop in the best way possible. Thus, the game is born as our mission to bring good values to children. The special thing is that this game is just one of many games in a series of many games that we want to strive for in the future. So we are very happy and will be very proud of everyone’s support.

Explore the game.

When you come to Toca Life: School, you will have 5 places to tell good and interesting stories. In addition, when you go beyond the playground, there will also be a combination of different games designed for you. You will have your own basketball team, and you need to train it well. The players will also have a fun experiment in the classroom, performing interesting music groups with their youth club. This makes the atmosphere in and out of the classroom bright, helping kids develop a spirit of learning. Coming to the school party, the players should wear funny costumes that will make everyone laugh. There will be lots of games at the party, especially hide-and-seek. This is the most interesting and wonderful thing to do after school. In addition, there are many other activities such as swimming, table tennis or musical instruments.

Features and characteristics of the game

Toca Life: School offers players 34 different characters and rich outfits to explore their school with stylish buildings. Players can also play a variety of sports to improve their physical fitness. In this game, the food war is probably the most fun and engaging. The best part is that you won’t be limited by time or place. There are no ads, in-app purchases, and lots of other fun features.

Other highlights

What Toca Life: School brings will help children develop their thinking, creating a well-rounded development for children. This game of ours has achieved typical achievements, such as getting huge downloads and favorites. Thus, this game still brings absolute satisfaction to all players.

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