Toca Life: World 1.50
Version: 1.50

Toca Life: World 1.50

System requirements: 4.4+

Toca Life: World – In today’s world, games that largely serve the needs of fighting. You can catch an RPG with a protagonist who can use different types of weapons. Those who always fight with skills to destroy the enemy. Not many games for kids are highly educational. But there are some very dedicated producers in this career who are creating a universe for their educational games. Toca Boca has created a series of games for children. The criteria of this producer is to create digital toys for children. This is extremely valuable, and they don’t add any in-app purchases or third-party ads. Toca Life: World is of the synthesized gene, and it pretty much contains all of this manufacturer’s previous products. Kids who have tried one of their games will probably want to download this game in their free time.

As mentioned above, this game is educational, but represents a special collection of many other products Toca Boca has ever released. This game will take the moon to an extremely large world and allow them to live there. Players will be allowed to do whatever they want. For example, bring a pet to school or take a person to Skate Park, even if you want to dye your hair green so no one can stop them. You are the operator of everything here. But power must come with responsibility, so players will have to build this world in a place worth living for many people. 

If you have a little knowledge of this universe, it’s no surprise that the game supports up to 8 different places to explore. A barber shop, a mall and food court, and even an apartment are all present and obviously repeat all the attractive features already available.

If you’re bored with what you already have, take your time. We have good news, the makers have added a system of 50 locations, over 300 characters and 125 pets. With all this fun and variety, players are free to build their own world. This makes the game appealing rather than a blended version of many successful products. In addition, although the game uses 2D graphics, the character design is modern. Places has reimagined childhood dreams of what they wanted. This made it a compelling world, illuminating a creative dream.

Download Toca Life: World 1.50 (Mod, Unlocked) for Android screen 1Download Toca Life: World 1.50 (Mod, Unlocked) for Android screen 2Download Toca Life: World 1.50 (Mod, Unlocked) for Android screen 3Download Toca Life: World 1.50 (Mod, Unlocked) for Android screen 4