Toca Pet Doctor 2.1-play
Version: 2.1-play

Toca Pet Doctor 2.1-play

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System requirements: 4.4+

In our time, pets did not have dazzling looks, but, in addition, possessed numerous brilliant superpowers. Nowadays, children are regularly drawn to entertainment with many adorable pets. They need to play with the creatures to show love to the animals around them. Anyway, are you perplexed that after you come into contact with the creatures in real life, they will bite you? Put those fears aside and play Toca Pet Doctor with its many interesting pets. With a good smartphone, you can be a cute dog playing the role of a veterinarian, or even more. Once you’re done playing, all the stress will disappear after you get in touch with them.


Toca Pet Doctor is built in a completely new and separate style of appearance compared to the usual educational simulation games. The game immerses players in a world filled with adorable pets. The game features a variety of new content, such as animals interacting in a live environment and showing affection for each other. All children enjoy the different stories of each pet and create their own stories. Kids here can have instant fun with fun and honest gameplay, becoming talented veterinarians who specialize in treating pet problems.


Kids often tend to choose to play for fun by following the characters in the game. Fortunately, if you choose this game correctly, there are many adorable animals for you to play with. Toca Pet Doctor takes players into the animal world so they can learn more animal secrets and then apply them to the pets you own. Familiar animals such as white rabbits, frogs, cats, bears and many others appear in the game. Most of the animals are depicted with cute looks that are hard for players to take their eyes off of. They are always entertaining to players every day.


The animal world is full of love. Toca Pet Doctor allows children to discover more cute and funny characters. In the green garden, you will randomly meet many new characters and gradually become friends. New characters are constantly being added to make the collection of animals in the game more colorful. They enjoy playing and taking care of each other more. There will be many distinctive circumstances that will make you feel a migraine. In a friendly neighborhood, randomly make many different friends, such as the adorable dog Charm, the mischievous cat Rascal, or the veggie rabbit Tofu, and many more.


Since children’s main job is to accept the position of veterinarian, they will encounter many interesting and silly situations. Toca Pet Doctor allows players to gradually become a doctor from a young age, not only playing for fun, but also gaining more knowledge about their lives. The pets have the temperament to play together, so conflicts often arise in the beautiful garden. You will use gauze to bandage their wounds, or apply ice packs to reduce swelling for headaches. Or would it be gentler to wake them up each morning to feed them and start a new day? There are many other occasions when you should play it at once to fully understand the whole game.

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