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Transformers: Earth Wars

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System requirements: 4.1+

TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars contains in me or the most attractive factor to become a hot choice. First, it turns out to be a game that uses the famous image of the Transformer franchise. Familiar characters from movies and comic books now appear in the game as honestly as possible. Players are free to choose their favorite characters and fight alongside them. 

There is another factor that makes the game more appealing to players: its gameplay. To simplify the presentation, players need only think of the big brother in a mobile game in which Clash of Clans can be understood. The game promotes combat and uses characters with a deep history, so getting support is a natural fit. Since its release, it has been downloaded more than 15 million times on Google Play. But it’s not over when the design team is constantly developing and updating new features to attract more players from around the world.

Fight Optimus Prime!

More interesting to discuss side issues, such as new graphics and game updates. First, we see that the game’s graphics have been updated many times since launch. Even though it doesn’t use the most powerful engine, it still produces full three-dimensional graphics with source images. Players will witness the most beloved characters on screen and control their own hands. You can choose the faction you fight, whether it’s the evil side or the friendly faction, or you can name them Autobot and Decepticon. The 85 MB is the total size of the game, showing that while it offers a real-life experience, the production team has obscured everything. Thus, the product is designed for many different smart devices.

Unleash your abilities.

As for new updates to the game, the latest patch will update players with two of the most famous characters Cybertronian Starscream and Jetfire. Starscream is not yet in the movie, but in the comic book he holds a significant position on the team of villains. The old Jetfire airplane was shown on the movie screen in a fun way that caught the attention of many fans. In addition to the two newly updated characters, you’re likely to see a complete transformation of many of the old characters. That’s because “TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars” has expanded cybertron battles. This means that players will get the chance to evolve into the most powerful forms of Cybertronia. Character upgraded, of course, also has this dominant form, they will transform stronger and thinner.

As mentioned above, the game will run in the style of an RTS product. Players will use more than 100 characters, which will be constantly upgraded to defend their fortress. Choose your allies and fight alongside them until you become the champion. These Transformers have unique abilities that can be used in battle. Take full advantage of this potential to turn the tide of battle. In addition, players can transform right into battle to gain a stronger combat format. The only way to win is to destroy the enemy’s building and vice versa. So work hard and defend by creating the strongest defensive layers possible.

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