Truck Simulator PRO Europe 2.6
Version: 2.6

Truck Simulator PRO Europe 2.6

System requirements: 4.1+

Are you a lover of exploring and traveling, but don’t have the right to go to the place you want? Don’t worry; Truck Simulator PRO Europe game will help you do it in the easiest way, right on your favorite phone. Participate in this game; You will drive big trucks through the famous countries of Europe. Cross bumpy roads, snow-covered highways or high-speed roads hundreds of miles away. Everything you would expect from this exciting simulation game.

The game was developed and released by Mageeks studio from Poland. Their main product is an exciting mobile simulator game, if you have played Bus Simulator PRO 2017, Airport Bus & Plane Simulator, Construction Truck Simulator… This is a game you must try. It’s currently offered on Google Play for $5 for the full version (not including in-app purchases). That’s a pretty steep price, but what this game brings is impressive.

Over 18 cities and 10 famous countries

Traveling around Europe for free? Yes, with this game you will travel around Europe for free. You can currently travel to more than 10 European countries and more than 18 famous cities. You can see the Eiffel Tower for free, past classic British bridges or the vast rainforests of Russia. In particular, the publisher has designed the tracks to be identical to real life, with a 1:1 ratio, to give the player the most enjoyable experience possible. You can drive anywhere, because the roads are designed as an open world. Roadside buildings, forests, factories, really are detailed. You’ll be looking at peaceful countryside, bustling factories or cold snowy roads. By the way, has anyone ever wanted to get in a car and hold the wheel?

More than 6 different vehicles (constantly updated)

Truck Simulator PRO Europe offers players more than 6 different vehicles; you can customize and improve these vehicles according to your preferences. For example, you can spray paint the car, customize the steering wheel, the back of the car, and more. However, this is not free. You need to spend some money to buy paint pots or other things. This amount can be earned on a long road trip. Demonstrate your driving skills and get attractive rewards. Spending this money to unlock new cars or decorate your car becomes more attractive.

Other benefits

The game has a lot of settings for the beginner. For example, you can limit the speed for each country, each track. This is an exciting feature because if you are a truck driver, driving long distances is not an easy task and you need time to get used to it. Rest assured, the game will serve you best. Next comes the weather system, and the time in the game is adjusted to the time of your phone. That is, if you are playing this game in the evening, you will have to drive in the dark, so don’t forget to turn on the light to see the road. Or it may be raining, which makes the road more slippery, steering or descending may be more difficult, be careful. Overall, this game is a very realistic simulator.

Graphics and Sound

Unlike its predecessors, Truck Simulator PRO Europe has been carefully designed in terms of graphics. The game gives us real 3D graphics, cities and roads are modeled in reality. If your device has a big screen, this gameplay will be much more interesting. The sound in the game does not have any special features, but it is made so that you feel like you are driving down the street. The sound of the engine, the whistling, the wind, the rain – everything was very realistic. Finally, if you are a person who loves simulation, loves driving, don’t miss this game.

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