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Version: 2.4.1

Virtual Schoolgirls Simulator 2.4.1

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System requirements: 6.0+

High School Girl Life Sim 3D is a new realistic game. Unlike other types of adventure, action, sports, puzzle or strategy games, this game recreates the familiar and intimate scenes of high school days. In this game, simulate the daily activities of a high school girl, such as going to school, having fun with friends, rebellious attraction, or school-age love. The school environment in this game is very clean and perfect with graphic character effects and extremely realistic 3-D live contexts. All of this will allow each player to recreate real emotions and relive their youth.


The main character transforms into a pretty high school girl. She has made good friends, and her relationship with her family is also an interesting point in the game.

School-age love is an unforgettable part of adolescence. Even first love is impossible to forget. Right?


Players in High School Girl Life Sim 3D will encounter situations in the classroom. She takes part in sports activities in the stadium. She and her buddies ride their bikes around town. Each scenario will be a simulation of reality, giving gamers the impression that they are in real life.

If you’re a fan of anime movies, you can try playing High School Girl Life Sim 3D and it will help you remember your high school years. More convenient than the game available on your phone, you just need to download and play. Cute character designs, varied and everyday life scenes will draw you to this story. Although they are simulated, they help you understand the life of a high school girl with her activities and relationships. In addition, it also helps you form a mindset for dealing with those around you in specific situations.

Download Virtual Schoolgirls Simulator 2.4.1 (Mod, Unlocked) for Android screen 1Download Virtual Schoolgirls Simulator 2.4.1 (Mod, Unlocked) for Android screen 2Download Virtual Schoolgirls Simulator 2.4.1 (Mod, Unlocked) for Android screen 3