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Version: 68.0.0

Watchmaker: three in a row 68.0.0

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System requirements: 4.1+

Watchmaker is an easy entertaining intellectual game. The story begins with a curse that endangers a nineteenth-century town. A strange elder named Uncle is eager to find out what’s going on. However, he needs your help. The only way to help him is to swipe your finger and stack the gems to complete the task.

There is an untouched map that you can explore as you hunt for the mysterious thief. When you meet townspeople and collect additional items for your quest, new locations open up. Clockmaker has a gameplay similar to other intelligent puzzle games such as Candy Crush saga or Legendary Diamond Game. Your goal is simply to line up three of the same stones to complete the mission.

In other levels, remove special items from the playing field or lead them to a predetermined location. Luckily, there are plenty of hints, power-ups, and tools to help you in dangerous situations. So, confidently trigger one of these chain reactions, and each full row will lead you to success.

And things don’t always go well. Some levels of the game can cause a lot of problems when you need to find hidden items. Answering Clockmaker’s game secret is difficult, but the experience is worth it.

Basic Information

Clockmaker is a three-in-a-row puzzle game with strange gameplay and an interesting story. The game is free for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with beautiful graphics and attractive sound. In three-in-a-row diamond-style games, players often think of big names like Bejeweled Blitz or Candy Crush Saga. And now you have another option, Clockmaker.

In terms of story, Clockmaker has a unique story in which the player’s job is to save the town from darkness and the curse of Clockmaker. They hide the Clockmaker in a mysterious clock tower. Through a series of clever puzzles, players will gradually unlock houses in the city. You must bring back the peace, light and beauty inherent in this sacred land.

Watchmaker has attracted millions of players. Every day up to 110,000 people play the game and compete for points on every level. Clockmaker’s graphics are not superb, but they are enough to create a compelling entertainment game on a cell phone. Without owning a flashy game like Farm Heroes Saga or Tasty Tale, Clockmaker exudes a hint of mystery with a little eerie black that arouses curiosity as a background for the colorful diamonds.

The layout of the Clockmaker game table is a bit confusing, which corresponds to a certain difficulty of the game. In turn, this will cause players to want to play again until they succeed. This game is too easy to play, like some other three-in-a-row games. The music part is also good at creating an overall mystery and mystery for the whole game.


Welcome to Clockmaker. Fame is fun with the free classic three-in-a-row style. Countless jewels, gems and puzzles await you. Solve the confusion of the evil clockmaker, save the diamond city and become the savior of the village. We have put an evil old evil watchmaker’s curse on the happy diamond town in Watchmaker. Your mission is to solve the complex puzzles he created to save the villagers and bring peace back to the town as before.

Place three or more diamonds of the same type together so that they are in the same row or column to remove them from the game screen. If you stack four or five diamonds, you get powerful stones. They will create explosions that destroy the eight closest tiles or row and column. It can disappear all stones of the same color on the game screen. Each level will have different requirements and will force players to use different tactics.

The higher the level, the more difficult the puzzles. Players also need to act smarter and use extras to solve and overcome challenges with ease. Download to join the game Clockmaker now and enjoy the exciting breaks!

Try to figure out the secret. Countless gems and beautiful sparkling jewels save the diamond city from the curse of the evil clockmaker. Players have more than 1,000 missions to complete. All missions are available for free.

You can log in via Facebook to earn rewards. Clockmaker supports HD resolution. The three-in-a-row puzzle game Clockmaker is free to download and play.

Download Watchmaker: Three in a Row 68.0.0 (Mod, Lots of Money) for Android screen 1Download Watchmaker: Three in a Row 68.0.0 (Mod, Lots of Money) for Android screen 2Download Watchmaker: Three in a Row 68.0.0 (Mod, Lots of Money) for Android screen 3Download Watchmaker: Three in a Row 68.0.0 (Mod, Lots of Money) for Android screen 4Download Watchmaker: Three in a Row 68.0.0 (Mod, Lots of Money) for Android screen 5