XCOM®: Enemy Within 1.7.0
Version: 1.7.0

XCOM®: Enemy Within 1.7.0

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System requirements: 4.0+

XCOM: Enemy Within is an updated version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Compared to its predecessor, Enemy Within has more attractive features. In addition, the game has been added by the manufacturer so that players can summon more types of soldiers and use them in battles. The battle map system has also been changed to include more maps with more unique images. In addition, the game’s challenge system has been built around more challenging tasks to test people’s ability to think. In particular, the number of enemies in the game has been added, resulting in two new alien races and a dangerous terrorist organization to destroy.

Like some other strategy games, the manufacturer also prepared two separate game modes for XCOM: Enemy Within: Multiplayer and Single-player. In it, Multiplayer offers online matches, allowing you to battle with another player in 1 Vs. 1. In the events of this game, two players will engage in turn-based competition, and each turn requires the player to move their units to the required locations to attack the enemy or capture important points on the battlefield.

When embarking on the single-player challenge, players must participate in many prepared combat tasks. Each mission of the original game will offer different enemies and targets. Meanwhile, players must develop and use many clever strategies to overcome challenges. In particular, some challenging tasks also bring many unexpected elements to the mission. Therefore, everyone needs to think quickly to adjust their strategy to successfully tackle unexpected challenges. In addition, the appeal of the single-player game is that it will take you to many different regions of the world. Everyone can participate in battles in Africa, Asia, South America … Not only have many individual battle areas, but each field in the game has different support features to help you complete missions. For example, participating in battles in North America, which requires aircraft to attack enemies with high-precision offensive weapons, requires the player to pay only 50% of the cost of use. Fighting in Asia will reduce the cost of maintaining the Foundry and Officer Training School by 50% from the original cost.

Download XCOM®: Enemy Within 1.7.0 (Embedded Cache) for Android screen 1Download XCOM®: Enemy Within 1.7.0 (Embedded Cache) for Android screen 2Download XCOM®: Enemy Within 1.7.0 (Embedded Cache) for Android screen 3Download XCOM®: Enemy Within 1.7.0 (Embedded Cache) for Android screen 4Download XCOM®: Enemy Within 1.7.0 (Embedded Cache) for Android screen 5