Xenowerk Tactics 1.2.9
Version: 1.2.9

Xenowerk Tactics 1.2.9

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System requirements: 7.0+

Explore infected lands

The game’s plot unfolds after a massive accident, and for you to act in the role of commander of a special purpose unit and work in absolute secrecy on the ground laboratory. You are entrusted with a big duty and only you are depending on the proceeds of the world, and also the establishment of the company Xenoverk. Send units on expeditions to infected lands, study them and extract resources. Command your own unit in real time and fight back the hordes of mutants in kind.

Do the hardest missions

You can apply and use for their own purposes abilities and mutations, fragmentation grenades, decoys with traps, pyrokinesis, adrenaline and almost all others. It is fundamental to think through a strategy for the battle ahead, take into account all sorts of moments and artfully eradicate crowds of mutants.

Hire researchers, scouts, infantry, but be aware and take into account the peculiarities of every mutation and other significant points. Earn and mine resources, spend them on improving your base, lab research, healing and upgrading your own units.

Download Xenowerk Tactics 1.2.9 (Unlocked/Inline Cache) for Android screen 1Download Xenowerk Tactics 1.2.9 (Unlocked/Inline Cache) for Android screen 2Download Xenowerk Tactics 1.2.9 (Unlocked/Inline Cache) for Android screen 3Download Xenowerk Tactics 1.2.9 (Unlocked/Inline Cache) for Android screen 4Download Xenowerk Tactics 1.2.9 (Unlocked/Inline Cache) for Android screen 5

See I left you a review. There all was fine it was on the Samsung galaxy A 50 and now on Techno pova 2 I stopped playing and flashed icons, I came in, stopped, stopped again the same story. And then do not go at all.What happened to you well in general I think it’s all because of the update if you get to bring back the old version then put five ⭐ well, not so old that you first at all not much. When I saw that the score 3.6 I was very upset because before came out for 4.